Ben Hussey

I'm an Electrical Engineer working for Arup within their London building services team.

I have significant experience in the design of healthcare buildings, datacentres and electrical systems across the built environment. I also frequently dabble in data architecture, software development, 3D scanning and smart buildings/IoT technology.

Some of the projects that I'm proud to have worked on include:

Outside of my day job I work as an event technican and also volunteer doing a range of activities in and around London including:

All of my tools are marked with Red / Red electrical tape. Please return them.

I'm a webmaster. I also develop bespoke web-based applications and tools (mostly for fun).

Web Portfolio Shows


I use the alias blip2 while gaming online (blip was taken on the first forum I ever signed up to...)

Over the years I have been an active member of a number of gaming communities including:

Folk ARPS (ARMA 3)
[3dAC] 3rd Armoured Cavalry (Project Reality)
[SF] Team Special Forces (various)
~)BH(~ Black Hearts (Battlefield 2)
[KvW] Killing Viewz Warriors (UT2004)