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Ben Hussey

I am an Electrical Engineer working for Arup within their building services design group in Brisbane. Most of my work has been on mission critical, healthcare and 'smart' buildings.

Outside of my day job I volunteer doing a range of activities in and around Brisbane including:

I occasionally also develop bespoke web-based applications and tools (mostly for fun).

Feel free to get in touch:


I use the alias blip2 while gaming online (blip was taken on the first forum I ever signed up to...)

Over the years I have been an active member of a number of gaming communities including: [KvW] Killing Viewz Warriors (UT2004), ~)BH(~ Black Hearts (Battlefield 2), [SF] Team Special Forces (various), [3dAC] 3rd Armoured Cavalry (Project Reality) and Folk ARPS (ARMA 3).